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Many people do not realise how time consuming and technical it can be until attempting to edit their treasured footage from camera cards, hard drive and tapes. Over the years we have spoken to many customers who either did not know where to start, or had just given up on the job. This is where our specialist knowledge and experience can help. With our professional editing solutions we can creatively transform your footage into a film masterpiece. From home to business we can produce films to be shown on DVD, computer or on video and social web sites.

Editing services

Editing is carried out in-house using Final Cut Pro X  on our suite of Apple Macintosh computers. We can output your edited films to a range of digital video formats for viewing on computers or for upload to the web and other platforms. are can still professionally author your film to DVD disc with complex menu structures. For DVD projects we can design and print photo quality case sleeve packaging and directly print onto premium DVD disk face. We duplicate the DVD in-house using our high speed stand alone duplication banks.

Client edit example

 Editing - hourly rate


 Editing - half day rate (4 hours)


 Editing - day rate (8 hours)


 Author to DVD (auto play / play all)

£20 per 2 hour disc

 Author to DVD (multi menu layout)

£25 per 2 hour disc

 Output to digital video file (up to 1 hour)


 Output to digital video file (1 to 2 hours)


 Additional DVD copies

£5 each

Editing costs

Our high speed stand-alone duplication banks can copy in bulk with fast turn-around. For DVD we use DVD-R and DVD+R formats which are recorded region free. Your copies will be straight forward copies of the original.

DVDs can be supplied in either clear wallets, slim or standard retail style DVD cases. CD-Rs are supplied in clear wallets or CD cases.

DVD duplication

Short run duplication costs


DVD cost from (ea)

CDR cost from (ea)




2 to 5



6 to 10



11 to 25



26 to 50



51 to 100






All discs are premium brands for reliability and have white printable face for your title / artwork.

Our duplication costs include PVC slip cases. A range of DVD and CD cases can be supplied from 25p each.

We can print your disc face text / artwork from just 15p per disc. Please call to discuss your requirements.

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