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At Take One we keep things simple by offering packages to suit your requirements and budget, whilst also being flexible. If you wish to carry out your own editing we can film your event and supply the digital video footage unedited for your own use.  Alternatively we can professionally edit your filmed footage and create a programme to your brief.

We use professional Sony & Panasonic cameras filming to 4K Ultra HD and HD quality, with professional wired and wireless microphones. We can also provide a portable green screen set up allowing additional different backgrounds to be added during the editing process.

 Editing is carried out in-house using Final Cut Pro X  on our suite of Apple Macintosh computers. We can output your edited films to a range of digital video formats for viewing on computers or for upload to the web and other platforms. are can still professionally author your film to DVD disc with complex menu structures. For DVD projects we can design and print photo quality case sleeve packaging and directly print onto premium DVD disk face.

We have in-house duplication facilities for your DVD and CD requirements.

Filming services

Event filming example

Single Camera operator

up to 2 hours


2 to 4 hours


4 to 8 hours


Two Camera operators

up to 2 hours


2 to 4 hours


4 to 8 hours


Sound engineer

Day Rate

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Filming services

Portable Green Screen

includes 3x2m backdrop and lighting

£80 per day


over 10 miles from Swindon

40p per mile

Raw footage

Output to MP4

£15 / £25

Output to DVD

£20 / £25


£30 per hour

see our editing page for cost of output options and duplication


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