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Take One can scan your slides, negatives and photographic images and save onto CD and DVD media for viewing on computers and DVD players. We can also create professional slide-shows as an alternative way to present your scanned images. The slide-shows can be created for DVD or digital files for computers and the web.

Slide Negative Scanning

After scanning, your images will be reviewed and processed to adjust colour balance, remove / improve any colour casts from the film, adjust the exposure and contrast and reduce unwanted noise within the image.

Our process

A Take One produced slide-show is an excellent way to present your scanned images. These high quality slide-shows will show off your images to their best using a mixture of transitions, effects, collages and animations. We will produce a themed slide-show that best suits the style of your images. The slide-show can can also be set to music of your choice, or if you prefer silent.

We can also create slide-shows from your own multimedia devices such as USB drives, memory cards, portable hard drives, CDs and DVDs. Prices start from £20 for up to 50 images.

Image slide show

Scanning service costs




Scanning:   Slides Negatives 35m

40p each

Minimum cost £5.00

Scanning: Photographs

35p each

Max size 29.7x21cm

supplied on CD



supplied on DVD


per disc

Slide show of scanned images


up to 50 images   extra images 25p ea

Image Slideshow example

Examples of original slides showing faded dye, colour cast and noise

Examples of scanned slide image after processing

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